3 Keto Pre Workout Supplements, Snacks And Tips

We all know how dieting by itself is just not enough; if you want real results, then dieting and working out need to become consistent in your newly adopted healthy lifestyle. If you follow a keto diet, then keto pre-workouts are in order.

While on this diet, your intake of carbs is restricted, plus you are loading in the fats; not the best of scenarios to hit the gym in beast mode. Why do you ask? Fat can be slow to digest, sticking around in the stomach for a longer period of time than carbs. And that can make things difficult for you at the gym.

There are certain snacks you should be eating before working out while on keto.

Be clear that you do not want to shove a huge intake of fat into your belly before heading to the gym, but you also can’t fill up on carbs!

That’s why some are keto-specific supplements and snacks that will help boost your performance and last longer during a workout.

Best Keto Pre Workout Supplements

A pre-workout supplement is often easily spotted at your gym; these drinks are made of various ingredients aiming to improve your athletic performance during workouts.

However, a pre-workout supplement, commonly referred to as a pre-workout, is not always created the same, so the ingredients may not satisfy your keto needs.

There are many pre-workout supplement options, but your keto pre-workout supplement should contain beta-aline, caffeine, creatine, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate.

  • Caffeine, which improves the use of fat for fuel and aids alertness, strength, and endurance.
  • Beta-alanine, a molecule that’s scientifically proven to improve muscular endurance by buffering acid in your muscle.
  • Creatine for increased power output supports muscle performance.
  • Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is a compound that your cells’ mitochondria can use to produce energy when glucose is absent.

Check out below some of the best keto pre workout supplements:

1. Sheer Strength Labs – Keto Pre Workout Powder

keto pre workout

Sheer Keto Pre-Workout contains caffeine and beta-alanine. In addition also contains calcium, magnesium, and sodium, all of which your muscles need to contract.

It effectively boosts energy and performance. However, its sweet taste may be overpowering for some.

The recommended usage is to take one serving 15 to 30 minutes before your workout training. All you need to do is blend into 8 oz of cold water.

Find this KETO Pre Workout Powder on sheerstrengthlabs available for $49.99

2. Perfect Keto Perform Sports Drink

keto pre workout

Perfect Keto Perform is designed explicitly for trainees on a ketogenic diet. It is carb-free. However, it has a powerful energy booster due to its content of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate.

It effectively boosts energy and performance, supports fat burning, enhances blood flow, contains zero carbs and zero grams of sugar, has no additives or fillers, and provides clean and smooth energy without ever leaving you jittery.

Find Perfect Keto Perform Sports Drink on perfectketo available for $42.99

3. BPI Sports Pre-Workout

keto pre workout

BPI Sports pre-workout contains BHB and caffeine. Both boost your vigor and workout performance so that you can push your workout to its fullest potential.

It effectively boosts energy and performance and aids focus and alertness. It is also available in several flavors.

Find BPI Sports Pre-Workout at bpisports, available for $31.99

Why Take a Keto Pre Workout Supplement?

You may have never thought about taking a pre-workout supplement before, but if you are eating right and exercising enough, the next step might be to take a pre-workout supplement.

Did you know they can be of great benefit to help you with your fitness goals?

A pre-workout supplement -something you take before your exercise -will basically enhance your athletic performance.

Maybe you’ve had a long day at work and are feeling sluggish; a pre work out will provide the extra boost to help get you through a workout. In other words, it will enable you to give it your all at the gym so you can get the best of your fitness results.

These are formulated to raise energy and motivation, elevate fat burning, improve blood circulation and boost strength and endurance.

All of this will help you push harder so you can make better progress.

According to professional trainers, pre-workout is also used to help prevent muscle glycogen depletion -which causes fatigue and exhaustion.

Keto Pre Workout Tips

When you’re on a low-carb diet and want to work out, you probably think: What can I eat before working out that will give me tons of energy?

It’s ubiquitous to hear that you should eat carbs before working out to have more energy. However, it would help if you remembered that your body doesn’t need carbs for energy when it has ketones. In other words, you don’t need more carbs before working out because you get your fuel from body fat, not carbs.

Find below a few tips that can help you understand what to eat on keto before your workout.

  • Eat protein

Protein is a pre-workout option that you can eat on keto. A keto-friendly protein bar, shake or snack on some low-carb jerky can really help your muscles since protein has amino acids.

  • Drink a keto shake with MCTS

MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides is a type of healthy fat found in coconut oil. It is easily digestible and raises ketone levels to give you quick and clean sources of energy.
You can make your low carb protein shake and add MCT-fortified protein powder before they work out.

  • Eat good fats

Good fats are your non-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats that come from whole foods. Remember, while on keto, your body is burning fat for energy, so if you incorporate good fat into your diet, you can have more energy.

  • Eat a full meal

This is a matter of preference; while some don’t like working out with a full stomach, others find that if they eat an entire keto-friendly meal, they have more energy.

  • Hydrate

This might seem obvious, but it’s always important to stay hydrated to make it through a workout.

  • Eat a small amount and adjust.

If you aren’t sure how much you will need, take a few bites of a protein bar or a small shake with MCTs and see how you feel. You can always make adjustments if you start wearing out.

Best Keto Pre Workout Snacks – What to Eat Before You Exercise

Wondering what keto snacks to eat before you workout? There are some lower-carb choices of snacks that will adequately help you go harder and longer:

1. Fresh Berries

While fruits are allowed on the keto diet, you have to watch how much you consume since they have sugars, even natural ones. When consumed in moderation, berries can make for a great snack before your workout.

2. Greek Yogurt or Cottage Cheese

According to experts, both Greek yogurt and cottage cheese can provide a low level of carbohydrates, the fat you need on this diet, and a nice source of natural protein to fuel your workouts.

3. Keto Bars

Keto protein bars such as Dang Bar and Perfect KETO make nice pre-workout snacks.

In addition to the previously mentioned snacks, fat bombs are super popular among keto dieters. These are a great combination of a delicious snack and the right fats your body needs to help you stay on track with your meal plan and stay in ketosis.

Fat bombs are super easy to make; these snacks often require few ingredients and no cooking. There are all the combinations imaginable, sweets and savory.

Below we’ll show you our top three fat bomb recipes that will give you great benefits before your workout.

1. Butter Coconut Keto Pre Workout Fat Bomb

This keto butter coconut fat bomb is simply delicious and just what you need before your workout! These are loaded with nutrients, low in sugar, and sure to fit your keto goals!

Keto Butter Coconut Pre Workout Fat Bomb

2. Coconut Lemon Keto Pre Workout Fat Bomb

Looking for that perfect snack before your workout? Then this coconut lemon fat bomb recipe is just what you need.

Keto Coconut Lemon Pre Workout Fat Bomb

3. Yummy Anti-Inflammatory Fat Bomb

Did you know that a fat bomb can be both a delicious snack and also have an anti-inflammatory effect! Check out this yummy anti-inflammatory fat bomb recipe!

Yummy Anti-Inflammatory Fat Bomb

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