Not losing weight on keto? 3 Keto Myths

Why am I not losing weight on keto? Losing weight is not the issue. The real problem is keeping the weight off. This happens again and again and again. It doesn’t matter the name of the diet, what year it is or how many people are excited about a particular weight-loss system. This will always be an issue.

If you’re looking for a sustainable and powerful way to lose weight, you can’t do any better than the keto diet. Asking yourself Why am I not losing weight on keto is not the issue, whether you choose to believe in certain misconceptions that eventually undermine and sabotage your success with this diet.

Why am I not losing weight on keto? 3 Keto Myths you need to know

Keto Myths

Keto Myth #1: The keto diet is hard

One of the most common misconceptions about the keto diet is that it involves going into some dietary twilight zone. It’s as if you’re going into some no-man’s land that people haven’t explored before.

Believe it or not, people are already keto at some level or other. They eat a lot of fat with some carbohydrates thrown in. So, if you want to go full keto, it doesn’t take too much of a transition. You’re already partly there and on your way to losing weight on keto.

Unfortunately, many people think that you have to move mountains or have to become a totally different person and completely reorient and change your taste buds for you to become keto.

This is discouraging; this sets up unnecessary obstacles, and it’s completely false. Look at your typical meal. Chances are there are certain keto items stare already. So, don’t think that this involves some challenging transition from zero keto to completely keto. It doesn’t work that way. You’re already almost there.

Keto Myth #2: You can’t transition into keto

Just as bad as Misconception #1 is that there is no space for transition in the keto diet. The idea is that this is just another diet.

Think about it. The reason people fail with their diets because they put this undue pressure on themselves to completely switch over to the new diet.

For example, if you adopted a high-starch diet or a vegetarian diet, the idea is to go all in all at once. In other words, you go cold turkey. It’s like a smoker going from two packs a day to absolutely no cigarettes the next day.

That works for some people but, for the majority of people who go cold turkey, they will fail again and again and again until somehow, someway, if they’re lucky, they make it through. That is not a winning strategy.

Many people can achieve better success when they gradually or ease into their new lifestyle. That’s the secret. Stop thinking you are not losing weight on keto; remember this is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a new way of looking at the things that you put in your mouth. This is a new attitude that you’re assuming regarding your food.

When you change your relationship with your food, you change your outcomes. There’s no need to go through some black-and-white transition. The more you think about the keto diet along these lines, the more unnecessary pressure you put on yourself. When people operate under a tremendous amount of pressure, the last time I checked, they are more likely to break apart. They are more likely to fail.

Keto Myth #3: Keto foods are unpleasant and unnatural

It’s effortless to develop an aversion to fat. Seriously. It’s too simple, really. How come? Well, if you’ve been told for several decades of your life that something is wrong, eventually, you will fall for it. Sooner or later, you will believe it. In fact, you will start interpreting your experience in such a way that reinforces or validates] what you’ve been told.

However, let me tell you a simple truth. Just because a lie or a misconception has been repeated millions of times doesn’t make it true. The same applies to high-fat diets. It’s only been recent that the scientific community has discovered that high-fat, low-carb diets are actually better for you than the standard American diet.

So, do yourself a big favor. Step beyond conventional wisdom and focus on your personal taste preferences. The good news is whatever flavor profile you like, there will be a keto-compliant meal plan for it.

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