17 Different Types Of Shrimp


Are you a fan of seafood? Do you love shrimps? Who doesn’t! Ok, maybe people that are allergic to it, but did you know there are many different types of shrimp?

Most people only know how to eat it! Shrimps can be sautéed, broiled, baked, boil, barbecued, deep-fried, stir-fried; it is simply delicious in all its presentations. However, not many people know, except chefs, that there are over a dozen different types!

If you are a shrimp fan and enjoy eating them and cooking them, you are in the right place. Get your shrimp game strong and learn the different types of shrimp so you can make the most out of your shrimps at home, whether for a delectable dinner with family or friends or even for your very own home aquarium!

Learn which type is best for what!

Types Of Shrimp For Culinary Use

Shrimps are very popular, easy to cook, and used in many recipes across different cuisines.
Shrimps for culinary use include at least six different types: pink shrimp, brown shrimp, white shrimp, rock shrimp, tiger shrimp, and spot shrimp.

∼Learn about all of them below∼

Pink Shrimp

Types Of Shrimp

This type of shrimp is widely known in seafood; these are small and mostly come from Florida’s west coast.
They get their name because they are pink in their raw state; that said, these types can also be gray or white. Pink shrimp is the shrimp of choice for salads.

Brown Shrimp

Types Of Shrimp

Brown shrimp has a firm texture and a brick color shell. This type can be enjoyed in different flavors, including mildly sweet or salty, offering a unique flavor. Brown shrimp don’t need much preparation, often boiled or steamed to let the original flavor shine.

White Shrimp

types of shrimp

White shrimp can be found in three main varieties; Chinese white, Gulf white, and Pacific white. This type is popular among chefs because it offers a traditional flavor and is easy to clean. They are also versatile as you can make these fried, baked, steamed, stuffed, grilled, or even boiled.

Rock Shrimp

types of shrimp

As you may imagine, rock shrimp has a hard shell hence the name. Their flavor is sweet and often compared to that of a lobster.

Tiger Shrimp

tiger shrimp

Tiger shrimp gets its name due to the stripes on its back. These shrimps are commonly found on Asian and African continents. These offer a mild flavor and sturdy texture and are best enjoyed if steamed or grilled. Tiger shrimps can be up to 12 inches long.

Spot Shrimp

types of shrimp

Due to its appearance, spot shrimp is also known as the Lobster of Alaska. Spot shrimp is known for its exotic flavor; it turns out to be juice since it is one of the most tender types, and it can also be found in jumbo size. The downside is that the shell breaks easily, making it hard to clean.

Types of Freshwater Shrimp for an Aquarium

Consuming shrimp is one delicious culinary experience; that said, shrimps can also be enjoyed in other ways.
If you are searching for the perfect species for your home aquarium, numerous shrimp types can offer not only a slew of colors but also a lot of movement to any fish tank.
Check out some of the most popular shrimp types that would go perfectly for your aquarium.

Striped Harlequin or Bumblebee Shrimp

Striped Harlequin or Bumblebee Shrimp

This type of shrimp belongs to the Cardina breviate family and is a native of Southern China. It gets its name due to the black stripes on its yellow or white body. These are small in size and can be eaten by other large fish, so be mindful not to place them with aggressive fish. These consume meaty varieties of shrimp food, and you need to keep your aquarium balanced.

Red Cherry Shrimp

types of shrimp

This type belongs to the Neocaridinia davidi species. It is small and bright red, and it does well in freshwater or slightly cool. They feed on fish food leftovers or algae and pellets.

Blue Tiger Shrimp

types of shrimp

This shrimp type belongs to the Caridina cantonensis family. It is one attractive shrimp to watch due to its blue strips and fiery eyes. These are preferably to have in a freshwater tank that has a neutral or slightly acidic pH. As a result, their tank needs to be cleaned every two weeks at the most.

Blue Bolt Shrimp

types of shrimp

Also called the Taiwan Bee, these present a deep blue head, with the blue shade fading near the tail. This type is a favorite for aquariums. However, these are not easily found.

Snowball Shrimp

Snowball Shrimp

This type of shrimp doesn’t require a great deal of care and does well in hard or soft water. That said, be mindful not to overfeed because it can lead to poor water quality. These omnivores get their name because the eggs inside the shrimp look like snowballs.

Crystal Shrimp

Crystal Shrimp

This type of shrimp can be found in other subtypes, Crystal Red and the Crystal Black shrimp. This type of shrimp is high maintenance; they require pure water and easily become the prey of other aggressive creatures.

Glass or Ghost Shrimp

Glass or Ghost Shrimp

This particular type gets its name because it is completely translucid; they belong to the Palaemonetes family. Thanks to their glass-like appearance, they are shielded from predators. They do a great job keeping the tank clean since they feed on fish, food leftover, and algae.

Caridina Babaulti Shrimp

Caridina Babaulti Shrimp

Caridina Babaulti can be found in different colors, including red, brown, green, yellow, and black zebra-striped. Imagine having your tank with so many different colors. These omnivorous are low maintenance and prefer to consume plant matter.

Black King Kong Panda Shrimp

Black King Kong Panda Shrimp

This type of shrimp is definitely a rarity; it is awesome to watch his black and white lines. However, these are complicated to take care of. Black King Kong Panda Shrimps are sensitive to water shifts, so they do well in supervised water conditions. These are herbivores, and you should be mindful not to overfeed them.

Amano Shrimp

Amano Shrimp

The Amano shrimp is an excellent choice for anyone new to keeping aquariums. They eat algae, keeping your tank clean and thrive easily as long as there are no predators in the tank. These shrimp can grow to two to three inches long, making them a prominent addition to any tank.

Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp

Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp

This shrimp type hails from Sulawesi, Indonesia and it has black and white markings on its bright red body. These omnivores consume algae and do well in hard, warm water with a high pH level.

How To Keep Shrimp Fresh?

Fresh shrimp should be consumed within a day or two and it definitely belongs inside your fridge as with any other fresh protein.
Take notice of a firm texture and consistent color when buying raw shrimp. Keep in mind the fresher it is at the store, the longer it remains fresh once you bring it home.

In its cooked form, what you want to focus on it’s the shrimp’s plumpness.

How To Store Shrimp, So It Stays Fresh For Longer?

Store it inside a plastic bag and place it in the coldest part of your refrigerator. You want to avoid tight wrapping because air won’t circulate, and your shrimp will only get smelly. You’ll have fresh shrimp for a couple of days.

A useful tip is to set the bag in an ice pack or a bowl of ice, open the bag, and lay a moist paper towel on top.
Whether shelled or unshelled, if you get shrimp that’s already cooked, it will stay fresh for about three to four days inside the fridge. Make sure to wrap it in plastic or place it in an airtight glass or plastic container.

Many get their shrimp from the market already frozen and are perfectly fine to buy it that way.

Can You Freeze Shrimp?

types of shrimp

You can definitely freeze your shrimp for all your future shrimp needs. What is not recommendable is to thaw it and then freeze it again.
Raw shrimp in the freezer for too long will toughen, while cooked shrimp will greatly affect its flavor and become soft. That said, you can perfectly store shrimp in the freezer for months.

If you wish to safely keep your shrimp in the freezer follow these steps:

  1. Wrap the shrimp tightly in both plastic cling wrap and aluminum foil.
  2. Then place the package inside a freezer bag and into your freezer

Fresh, raw shrimp will stay in good shape inside the freezer for up to four months. Cooked shrimp will stay well frozen for a couple of months.

What To Do With Shrimp Before They Go Bad?

No matter if your shrimp is raw or cooked, if it has a strong smell of ammonia, it’s past its prime and it should be discarded right away.
Also, if you notice a change in its texture, like soft or squishy, it is a sign of spoilage. Be aware of dark spots as these mean the presence of bacteria.
Before your shrimp goes bad, there are tons and tons of ways you can enjoy it, the reason why we suggest some of our favorite shrimp recipes below.

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